Finest shellfish, Sacheon Cockle

Cockle inhabits in the clay or sea bedat about 10m depth of seawater near the land. The best and most tasty cockles are the ones caught from December to February of the following year. The peak of Sacheon cockles starts in February and continues to May, and it has already established itself as one of the proudest specialties in Sacheon fishery.

The size of cockle is about a child's fist. The shell has indented lines and some hairs. The foot is relatively long. Once the shell is removed it looks like a bird's beak, hence the native Korean name "saejeogae/bird shellfish."Although cockles look alike with ark shells at a glance, you can see the difference with close observation.

Cockle is packed with excellent nutrients, such as essential amino acids and inn, and thus often called "noble shellfish" or "gift from heaven". Its chewy texture and taste are somewhat similar to those of chicken.

Health Benefits

  1. Brain Development : High contents of DHA in cockles help brain cell growth and development.
  2. Restoration of Vision and Prevention of Diabetes : Taurine contained in cockles is a good source to restore vision and prevent diabetes.
  3. Prevention of arteriosclerosis : Taurine is known to have effects in reducing cholesterol in blood. Thus, consumption of cockle may prevent arteriosclerosis.
  4. Prevention and Cure of Dementia : DHA contained abundantly in cockle may help age-related dementia and its cure.
  5. Prevention of Anemia : Vitamin B 12 contained in cockle helps prevent pernicious anemia.