Jukbangryeom Anchovy

Jukbangryeom anchovy is a Sacheon specialty, produced by a traditional method using a fan-shaped wooden stake called jukbangryeom. Unlike ordinary anchovies, Jukbangryeom anchovies are caught not by fishing nets but by jukbangryeom, wooden stakes, as they are pushed by fast flowing waters of the south coast into these stakes. This way allows the fishermen to catch the an chovieswith no missing scales or damaged body. Since jukbangryeom installation and the number of fishing license are restricted to a certain number, only a small amount is produced. Because these anchovies grow in the South Sea where high quality plankton inhabit, they have firm flesh with less oil content and thus have almost no fishy smell.

For Jukbang anchovies, we select only high quality female anchovies in same sizes, that is about 7 cm-long female anchovies and the ones with shiny and bright silver skins out of the entire anchovies caught in the stakes. No damages in scales and body parts are crucial in our selection process. In order to maintain the fishes' whole bodies undamaged, the fishers carry only a small amount from the sea container to the drying site in the land at a time. They repeat this process many times until they empty the container. Anchovies usually die once they are pulled out of the water in the fishing nets. However, it takes only about 10 min. for the fishers to carry them to the land's drying site from the boat's container and thus the anchovies are still as fresh as alive.

Heath Benefits

  1. Great for Bone Growth and Fighting Osteoporosis : Anchovies are an excellent source of calcium, which helps bone growth and strength especially of the children and reduces the risks of osteoporosis especially for women.
  2. Brain Development : Anchovies contain unsaturated fatty acids abundantly, especially DHA and EPA, which stimulate brain nerve system, and thus help improve memory and brain development.
  3. Skin Health Effects : Collagen and beta-carotene contained in anchovies promote healthy and vibrant skin and mucous membrane.
  4. Prevention of Heart Disease and arteriosclerosis : Omega-3 fatty acid in anchovies helps reduce blood clot formation, and thus may prevent coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and many other lifestyle diseases.
  5. Muscle Recovery : Taurine in anchovies is known to prevent muscle fatigue, and restore and augment blood flow to muscles, resulting fast relief from muscle damage.