Gizzard shad fishn

Gizzard shad fishes flowing into Sacheon's seawater

The familiar and somehow amusing old sayings, "one jeoneo is enough to finish 10 bowls of rice with", "jeoneo's head is filled with sesame", "the cooking smell of jeoneo encourages a runaway daughter-in-law to come back home"indicate how much Koreans have loved gizzard shad fish, called jeoneoin native language. Gizzard shad fishes are caught mostly in and across the south and west seas. Recently, several festivals have been organized throughout the nation to celebrate jeoneo's abundant catch and season. In Sacheon, Daepo Village was the first place that organized the festival as majority of the resident, about 30 out of 100 families, live on gizzard shad fish fishery. In fishing season, everyone in Daepo Village gets busy. The fishers take boat to the sea, throw the net to the water and wait for 10-20 min. Then, they catch an abundance of gizzard shad fishes, enough for a day's profit. Daepo Village deserves its fame as gizzard shad fish fishery.

Currently, the City of Sacheon's official gizzard shad fish festival takes place in a special district called "Palpo Food District" in Samchumpo Port in between July and August every year. You can enjoy quality gizzard shad fish dishes at the festival, cooked by various cooking methods.