Having both sweet and sour flavors, kiwi, called chamdarae in native Korean language, is packed with vitamin C and contains actinidain, known for dissolving protein. It is good for constipation. Sacheon-produced kiwi has the highest quality in the world.

Cultivation History

Kiwi was first introduced to Sacheon in 1975 for production. About 40 families in and across Seopomyun, Shinehung, Gulpo and Gumjintook interests in it and invested in kiwi cultivation. In early 1980s, grape price plunged so considerably that many grape farmers in Samchunpo area changed the main crop to kiwi and succeeded remarkably. Currently, 46.4 ha in Sacheon is being used for kiwi cultivation.

Heath Benefits

Kiwi is a great source of natural endorphin to cure anxiety, depression, and stress. Kiwis may even enhance your performance at night!

One small kiwi weighing less than 100gram is loaded with various vitamins, minerals and protein. The high level of potassium in them helps keep the body's electrolytes in balance. The high content of inositol, a growth hormone, supports hormones and neurotrans mitters and thus helps one distress and calm the mind.

Further, arginine, a type of amino acid contained in kiwis, is known to promote blood circulation and thus is often used to enhance one's sexual performance. Kiwis can be your secret remedy, indeed!

One kiwi weighing about 100gram has only 61 calories, while it is loaded with beneficial nutrients to our body. Kiwi is an excellent dietary choice to keep you in shape. It is also good for chronic constipation. Vitamin C content in kiwi is 17 times more than in apple, three times more than in grapefruit, double than in orange. One kiwi contains 1.6 times more vitamin C than the daily-recommended amounts. In sum, kiwis are great food with low calories but full of health benefits.

Kiwi has all 20 nutrients recommended by US FDA, and thus is good for growing children, patients in recovery, breast feeding mothers, and people with digestive problem.

Thanks to the high content of vitamin C, kiwi is also beneficial to heavy smokers and office workers who experience severe stress on daily basis, as vit. C supplements the depleted portion in smoker's body and keeps levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in check.