Fresh and colorful bell peppers


Bell peppers are favorite ingredient for salad and can be eaten raw with dressing for their sweet flavor. Their sweetness level is higher than that of tomatoes (7-8 brix). Together with watermelons, bell peppers are wonderful food items to beat the hot summer weather. We export our bell peppers to Japan.

Nutritional Fact

Sacheon bell pepper is rarely spicy but very sweet. It is loaded with vitamins A and C. For its unique and fresh aroma and flavor, Sacheon bell pepper are often used in salad, Italian dishes, and meat dishes. They go well with almost any types of food group. Thanks to their charming colors they also creates great visual effects. Although bell pepper is relatively new to Korea, we have developed various new dishes using bell peppers, and promote the consumption.

Health Benefits

Great food to beat the hot summer weather, purify the body, relieve the constipation, and enhance skin health.

Bell pepper is a great source of vitamins A and C. The vitamin C content in bell peppers is comparable to that of lemons. Vitamin B complex, D and P are also rich, so are dietary fiber, iron and calcium. They stimulate body's metabolism and detoxification. Bell pepper is great to consume in summer as its nutrition enables one to fight the hot summer. It also helps fast relief from fatigue and prevents colds.

Vitamin P is known to strengthen capillary vessels, and cleanse out cholesterol by chlorophyll. Thus daily consumption can help prevent and/alleviate hardening of arteries and high blood pressure.

In addition, bell peppers' high content of vitamin C is known to prevent and/or reduce melanin production in skin effectively, while vitamin D boosts blood circulation. In sum, bell pepper has wonderful beauty benefits

In the meantime, dietary fiber and silicon elements in bell pepper can help purification of the body, and stimulate growth of nails and hair. Bell pepper also helps bowel movements and thus naturally relieves constipation, bloated and gassy feeling and pain in abdominal part. It is great to diabetes and vision, too.

For maximum nutritional benefits, we recommend that you select ones with thick skin and dark color, and put them in cold salad or eat raw with light calorie dressings. However, in order to increase vitamin A intake, we recommend that you cook them with oil since beta-carotene in vitamin A can be best absorbed into our body when consumed with oil. If you choose to make juice, carrot, apple, lemon and tomatoes would add great flavors to it.