Ume plum


Ume plum

Sil-Donguibogam(Koreantraditionalmedicalencyclopedia) and Shin Nongbonchogyeong (Basics of Agricultural Cultivation) described that ume cultivated in clean environment of Mt. Jiri and its ridges was sour but poison-free, It alleviated fever and heartburn, calmed one's mind, reduced muscle pains, rejuvenated skin, stopped diarrhea and thirst, and invigorated muscle and pulse-beat. Their seeds were said to be good for eyes and vision, as well as boost one's body energy.

Nutritional Fact

Ume is exceptionally rich in minerals, vitamins, and organic acids. The organic acids in ume include citric acid, apple acid, pumpkin acid and tartaric acid. Calcium phosphorus, potassium and carotene are other significant nutritional elements. Citric acid in ume increases metabolism of glucose and helps fast relief from fatigue. Our recommended way to eat ume at home is to make ume tea or pickle.

Health Benefits

Great folk remedy for disinfection, fatigue, skin beauty, constipation, deep sleep and nausea, fever alleviation, rheumatism, chillness in body, insomnia, dysentery, diarrhea, vomiting, bruises, bronchial troubles including cough and asthma, and abdominal pain. In China, ume used to be dried for tea or medicinal purposes mostly. In Japan, ume was used to make ume bosh, pickled ume in soy sauce.

Ome (dried ume) is known to help dysentery and diarrhea. Burnt and grinded omemay help bowl and bladder dysfunction, as well as chronic dysentery.

According to Bonchogangmok, ume controls liver and gall and removes alcohol poisoning, furuncle, and phlegm. Ume is also good to help irregular menstruation, inflammation, and leucorrhea, as well as heartburn and abdominal pain.

For the best medicinal effects, umes are processed and made liquor or vinegar. Used as liquor or vinegar, ume become a wonderful remedy for bruises, bronchial troubles, cough and asthma. Vinegarizedumes are particularly good to increase stamina, alleviate high blood pressure and obesity.

If you boil ume leaves, roots and branches and take bath with that water, you can prevent swelling and bedsores. To improve liver health and vision, remove the outer skin of the seeds, roast, grind and take the power twice a daily, in the morning and evening, with warm water. You will see the result quickly!

Raw ume can damage your teeth enamel. Eating walnut can be the remedy in this case.

Ume beverage has emerged as the most favorite drink recently. Before the commercialization of ume by beverage industry, people rarely looked for and comsumedumeas the general dietary pattern has changed in modern society. However, as ume's nutritional benefits were advertized more and more and they were commercialized for modern beverage, ume has become popular again, especially even among the younger generation.

Ume is packed with various organic acids, including apple acid, citric acid, pumpkin acid, and picric acid, and thus excellent to relieve fatigue fast. As alkaline food, ume keeps body's blood pH level in balance and improves physical constitution. Owing to relatively high contents of citric acid, ume is recognized and loved as the healthiest food. Since more than 85% of a ume by weight is pulp and majority part is water, it is absorbed quickly in body.

Ume is known as an excellent remedy for abdominal pain, diarrhea, and food poisoning. So, we would recommend that you preserve ume during its peak season, from May to July, and use it when children suffer from indigestion or diarrhea. They work as natural wonder remedy with no chemical. Ume jam or extract can be a useful snack for drinkers.