Samchunpo's Specialty, Filefish

It was from Samchumpo that dried filefish called "jwipo/jwichipo" were made and commercialized for the first time in Korea. Jwichipo used be a local specialty during Japanese Colonial Era, but in 1950 dried filefish began to be commercialized and sold across the nation. It was sensational. Jwichipois usually a thin and small piece; however, making it is not simple at all. First, the fishermen catch the filefish in winter and freeze them. Then they slice the frozen pieces to make fillet. Then they wash and season them, and wait for 3-5 days for ripening. Finally, the well ripen filefishes are put to net sin proper shape and dried. The finished products are loved by everyone regardless of their age and gender in Korea.

Every step in making jwichipo still requires human care and attention, despite a lot in process has been already automated and mechanized over the 60 years. Jwichipo's uniquely wonderful flavor and taste we enjoy today is a result of 60 year-endeavor and devotion of our fishermen. In these days, we are facing many challenges in the market, as the amount of catch has reduced by 1/20 of the prime years, labour force has decreased, and competition against other countries, in particular China and Vietnam, for their lower quality-cheaper priced mass products, has become more intense. Despite that, we will never stop our efforts in improving Jwichipo and its market research and do our best to keep Jwichipo'sreputation intact so that we can continue to associate the place of origin "Samchonpo" with Jwichipo, with utmost pride and sincerity.