Regional characteristics & Natural environment

Regional Characteristics

Sacheon, the City of Sky and Sea! Sacheon is located at the center of Hallyeosudohaesan gand has a total population of 200,000. The city is small but very energetic and is blessed with naturally mild climate, a combination of maritime and continental climates, perfect for agriculture and fisheries. Historically, King Hyungjong of Goryeo Dynasty was born and raised in Sacheon, and Sacheon has been revered as pungpaejihyang, the birthplace of the national founder, not to mention that its history can be traced back a thousand year.

In addition, Sacheon has been recognized as a historically auspicious place since the tasilji(a burial place of a monument built to house the royal placenta and umbilical cords) of King Sejong the Great and his grandson Danjong of Joseon Dynasty, was established here. Furthermore, Sacheon is a city full of hope and dream where aerospace industry and tourism have become the focal point of local business and pride. We trust that the Sacheon Bada Cable Car, the over-sea rope way near Samcheonpo Grand Bridge, will attract more tourists to our proud city.


Location of City Hall Locations Extreme Points of Longitude and Latitude Distance
Name of Place Extreme Points
Sichung-ro 77, Yonghyung-myeon, Sachon-si Far East. Far West Jeongdong-myeon Gonmyung-myeon 128°10'E 127°55' Between East and West27,.9㎞
Far South, Far North Dongseo-dong, Gonmyung-myeon 34°51'N
Between South and North 32.0㎞

Geographical Features

The east and south sides of the city border Gosung-gun and Namhae-gun along the Mt. Waryongsan and the sea. The west and north sides border Jinju-si/City of Jinju and Hadong-gun in the highlands as a part of Mr. Jirisan, while the coastal plain stretches south and northwards. The nearby rivers, such as Dukcheon, Sacheon, Jukcheon, Bekchecon, and Gonyangcheon, provide maximum benefits of irrigation and fertile soil to the local residents. The rias type coastline results in high tidal ranges.

Sacheon is a well-known transport hub,a central trading place for marine products and also the central port in Hallyeosudo and the gateway port to the southern Gyeongsangnam-do. Owing to the maritime climate, Sacheon boast cool temperatures in summer and pleasantly mild climate in winter, making the region very suitable for agriculture and fisheries.

Average Annual Weather

Average Annual Weather
Clear Cloudy Rain Frost Foggy Snow Thunder and lightning
108 days 77 days 89 days 80 days 64 days 8 days 20 days


  • Average: 13.4℃
  • Highest in average: 20.3℃
  • Highest at extreme point: 37.2%
  • Lowest in average: 7.5℃
  • Lowest at Extreme Point: 15.4℃
  • Precipitation: 1620.1℃
  • Relative Humidityin average: 65℃ / 8℃
  • Sea Level Pressure in average: 1.016.1℃
  • Dew Point: 6.2℃
  • Degree of cloudiness(10%):4.6℃
  • Daylight Hours: 2,289.8℃
  • Maximum Depth of Snow Cover(㎝) : 17.℃
  • Wind(㎧) : Average Wind Speed 1.6㎧, Maximum Wind Speed 9.3㎧