• In Sacheon, we grow Campbell Early type grape, which is famous for its balanced taste of sweet and sour.
  • Tasting is arranged after the farm sightseeing along the well-developed network of roads.
  • Harvest starts in late August and continue to mid-September. It is the best timing to pick the grapes as the grapes reach the highest in sweetness and damages from rain can be avoided during these months. Sacheon grape farmers are proud of their cleanest grapes produced with minimum chemical usage.

Anti-cancer Effects of Grape

  1. Science, a prominent academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, recently reported that resveratrol in grape might have anti-cancer effects. Consequently, a great deal of attention has been brought to consumption of grape.
  2. Plants draw toxins absorbed from outside off their body, and create and discharge antitoxin, called phytoalexin. Resveratrol has been found to be the antitoxin created and discharged by grapes. Some cell culture testing and animal testing have discovered that resveratrol produced from grapes prevents normal cell from developing into cancer cell and suppresses increase in malignant cells, and therefore have anti-cancer effects especially in stage 3.
  3. If your body's pH balance is broken and thus the body becomes acidic, you are likely to face various chronic and lifestyle diseases. Grape vinegar can improve body pH level and help the following symptoms and cases.
  4. Frequent nausea, diarrhea after alcohol consumption, fatigue, or extreme sensitivity to cold temperatures / brown and dark spots on faces, rough skin, loss of elasticity, poor application of make up on skin, dry skin including dry and cracked feet / frequently getting puffy eyes and face, swollen hands and feet, which disappears once moving around / getting headache easily if stressed out / feelings of pressure and heaviness in head/anemia and dizziness from time to time, tinnitus / significant memory loss / constipation, anemia, drowsiness after a meal / increased amount of dreaming in sleep / startled easily or jittery / or having a furry tongue