Oyster mushroom


Oyster mushroom

Richest and savory taste, umami, of Sacheon Oyster Mushroom!

Considered a delicacy, oyster mushroom has been loved by many Koreans and one of the favorite dishes on many Korean tables. It has a long history of cultivation. Thanks to the extremely low calories, unique earthy favor and aroma, and full of healthy nutrients including amino acid, vitamins and enzyme, oyster mushroom is widely recognized as an excellent choice for one's healthy diet.

Nutritional Fact

Mushroom is an excellent choice for weight loss since just like seaweeds, mushroom has low calorie and strong flavor, for which the best way to enjoy mushroom is to cook it with as little seasoning as possible. Also the chewy texture can provide you with a sense of fullness by a small portion. Mushroom is a good source of dietary fiber and thus can prevent and cure constipation. It is also packed with vitamin B complex and thus may enhance metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.