Sacheon strawberries are known for their excellent flavor and sweetness, and lowest level of pesticide residue.

Strawberry is a special agricultural produce in Sacheon. It is cultivated in two different soils, first in fertilized soil and then transplanted to mother soil. This method prevents disease and insect pests with minimum amount of agrochemical, and creates perfect balance of sweet and tart, excellent aroma and flavor. This high quality sweet strawberry attracts many customers to Sacheon.

Nutritional Fact

Strawberry is one of the richest-vitamin C fruits. The acidity contents, which are responsible for sour and tart flavors, are 0.6-1.5%. Strawberry' vitamin C is known to stimulate adrenal cortex, which in turn controls various hormones in body, and thus boosts one's physical strength.

Strawberry tends to soak up waters, and in that case it goes bad easily. Thus, washing strawberries should be done only when you are ready to eat or cook with them. If you handle large amount at once, we recommend that you rinse them with cool water, remove the green tops and keep them in refrigerator until you use them.