Sacheon, the city of sky and sea!
Sacheon strives to become the next Seattle and Sydney in Korea.

Sacheon has great access to air, land and maritime transport and the cityis known for its scenic landscapes with crystal clear blue sea, fresh seafood, and the natural wonders of Hallyeosudo. It is also famous for its rich cultural heritage and tourism resources, such as Bekchunsa Yaksa-wabul, the largest wabul (reclining Buddhist statue) in Korea, and Dasolsa Temple, justto a name a few.

Also, Sacheon is the home of aerospace industry which will lead Korea's economy in the next 50 years and being located at the center of the Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park, the city is blessed with the cleanest natural environment. The city has started building over-sea cable car and it will utilize all of its wonderful natural resources to promote eco-friendly, tourism industry and ultimately become Korea's Seattle or Sydney.