Mayor of Sacheon SONG DO GEUN
Mayor of Sacheon SONG DO GEUN

Sacheon, the city of sky and sea! We whole-heartily welcome you to Sacheon,

the city of aerospace industry, a high-technology industry that will lead Korea's economy in the next 50 years, and the beautiful, natural city of maritime tourism. My fellow200,000 citizens, families and friends of a small but energetic city of Sacheon!

Sacheon is a historically auspicious place in which Joseon Dynasty's Sejong the Great and his grandson Danjong'staesilji, monuments built to house the royal placenta and umbilical cords, are located. Also, Sacheon is located at the center of the Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park and the city boasts wonderful natural landscapes and a mix of continental and oceanic climates. This blessed natural environment has allowed Sacheon to be successful in agriculture and fisheries industries. Sacheon also has great access to well-developed transport infrastructure such as airports, ports, and highways.

Sacheon has been laying down the foundation to be the most representative city of the two high value-added industries, aerospace and tourism industries. With insurmountable passion, enthusiasm, and broad outlook towards the future, we strive to become Asia's Seattle or Sydney.

We promise that we will open up new horizons for the wonderful arts and culture of Sacheon, promote well-being and lifelong education of our citizens and make sure Sacheon remains as the safest and the most wonderful place to live in. Now, we would like to ask you to come and join us in making these dreams come true.

This website is for those who love and take interests in Sacheon. We welcome every one of you and hope that Sacheon, the birth place of King Hyunjong of Goryeo Dynasty (1009-1031), city of advanced, modern high-tech industries and tourism, the city of great pride and hope, serves as a place that gives you hope and comfort!